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All prices include UK postage. For overseas orders please email me for delivery costs.

Sizes and Prices

Prints are produced on high quality specialist inkjet paper, and are signed by the artist. They come complete with backing board and are individually wrapped in a cellophane bag.
All prints come ready to frame in standard ready made frames, such as those found at The Range or Wilkinsons at reasonable prices. Sizes are either:-
Large Square Mount, 16 X 16 inches, approximately 410 X 410mm, price £30,
or A4 mount, 16 X 12 inches, approximately 405 X 305mm, price £25,
or 10 X 8 inches approximately 250 X 203mm, price £15.


The prints shown below are examples, and all of the pictures can be ordered as prints. Square pictures will be in the square mount, but rectangular pictures can come in either of the two rectangular mounts. To order a print, first choose your picture, or pictures, from all those shown on the website, noting the name of the pictures. Second, if it is rectangular picture choose what size you want, 16 X 12 inches or 10 X 8 inches mount size. Once you have decided on the picture name or names, and the sizes that you want, email these to Evelyn at Email address


Payment can then be made by transferring the correct amount to Evelyn by Paypal. Once Evelyn has received your order, and your payment, the prints will be sent to you by post. Other payment methods can be used but will take longer, please email Evelyn to confirm details.

Isle of Rhum Print
Isle of Rhum, Print,
410mm X 410mm, (16 X 16 inches).
Price including UK postage £30

Elgol Isle of Skye Print
Elgol Isle of Skye, Print,
405mm X 305mm, (16 X 12 inches).
Price including UK postage £25

Stormy North End Iona Print
Stormy North End Iona, Print,
250mm X 203mm, (10 X 8 inches).
Price including UK postage £15

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